Roger Portela

Stepping into the realm of Roger, one embarks on a journey where the meticulous art of product management merges seamlessly with the boundless universe of geek culture, including a respectful nod to the symphonic world of classical music and the rich tapestry of diverse musical landscapes. My path represents a harmonious blend of technological innovation and artistic appreciation, driven by an insatiable curiosity and a geek’s unyielding enthusiasm for new frontiers.

While the classical strains of Beethoven and Mozart provided the initial soundtrack to my life, guiding my fingers across the piano keys in youthful ambition, my musical palette has broadened to embrace the eclectic. From the electric fervor of Ozzy to the pulsating heart of EDM, the soulful depths of jazz, and the vibrant rhythms of salsa, music remains a steadfast companion, reflecting the multifaceted experiences that color my existence.

My work life

Professionally, I traverse the tech landscape with the same passion that fuels my creative endeavors. Each product launch, each strategic maneuver, is akin to a carefully placed note within the grand composition of my career. My resume serves as a testament to a dynamic journey through the tech sector, showcasing a legacy of innovation, agile methodologies, and collaborative triumphs. It’s a narrative of navigating both startups and tech behemoths, conducting the orchestra of growth, and reveling in the symphony of team success.


Yet, beyond the confines of business and classical compositions, my spirit revels in the imaginative expanses of sci-fi and the intricate strategies of TTRPGs. These domains of geek culture offer not only a refuge from the mundane but also a wellspring of inspiration, enhancing my creativity and problem-solving prowess within the tech sphere.

This is me

This blog stands as your invitation to delve into the rich tapestry of my life. Here, I’ll unveil the insights gleaned from the forefront of product management, share the highlights of my geek-inspired quests, and occasionally riff on the diverse soundtrack of life. From the strategic innovations in tech to the speculative vistas of science fiction, and the universal expressiveness of music, join me on a voyage that promises to be anything but ordinary.

Welcome to the stage, where the myriad facets of my world converge. As the curtain lifts, prepare for a performance that will captivate and inspire. Let the adventure begin.

me, today