Author: Roger Portela

  • Welcome, AI Overlords

    Welcome, AI Overlords

    We stand at the precipice of an era that promises to redefine our world: the advent of Artificial Intelligence. This revolution, akin to the industrial upheaval of centuries past, holds the potential to alter every facet of our lives. The utilization of AI tools has become a non-negotiable aspect of staying ahead in an increasingly…

  • Side Quests

    Side Quests

    The Unseen Perks and Quirks of Business Travel: A Remote Worker’s Tale from a Galaxy Far, Far Away In the sprawling universe of remote work, the rare opportunity to travel for business feels akin to being summoned for an epic quest. Much like a band of adventurers in Dungeons & Dragons gathering to embark on…

  • Roger That!

    Roger That!

    I’m excited to share that I’ll soon be launching a blog where I’ll merge my personal experiences in business with my love for sci-fi, TTRPGs, and all things geek. Having navigated the tech industry from startups to leadership roles, I’ve amassed a wealth of insights and stories that I believe resonate well beyond the boardroom.